Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring is Here?

     Today Linnea took her first walk since it was 55 degrees and seemed (?) like spring.  As you can see above, she found the experience thoroughly stimulating.  She slept the whole time.

     We have survived almost one full week of "just the three of us," although we've had lots of wonderful and welcome help from our church family (thanks for the meals!) as well as Gramma and Aunt Aimee.  They came over and did the lion's share of the Linnea-holding yesterday - what a blessing!

     Tomorrow we're off to the cardiologist so we'll try to post something tomorrow night re: how it goes.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


care said...

She looks so cuddly! I can't wait to hold her again tomorrow!

NANA & PAPA W. said...

Dearest Linnea,

We're so glad you & Mommy & Daddy got out for some fresh air today! It is so good to see an up-to-date picture of you - we miss you so much!
We will pray for you as you go to the cardiologist tomorrow.
Love to you & your mommy & daddy!

Charity said...

This is the cutest picture!!! We hope you're all doing well! We miss you and are praying for all of you! :)
Dawn and I are feeling better, so hopefully we can come and see you both soon!

ann-marie said...

so nice to be able to get out and about with her on these warmer days. enjoy them while they last!

will check back to hear how the appointment went. praying for you all . . .