Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cardiologist Update

Apologies for the long delay in updating this since Linnea's Friday cardiologist appointment - it has been a full weekend!  And double-apologies for posting with no photos - will have to wait until Ryan is here :).

The word from the dr. is good.  Linnea does have a functional heart murmur, but they are not concerned about it at this point and simply want to do another round of tests when she is one year old to check up on it.  They did do an echocardiogram and found a small hole between the top two sections of her heart, but this is something most babies have at this  age, apparently, so they will follow-up with that in a year, as well.

Best news of the app't was that she now weighs 9lbs 7oz.  So in the two weeks since she left the hospital, she has gained 1lb 12oz.  Her cheeks are filling out and she now officially has a double-chin - this is good!  

I promise I'll ask Ryan to post some photos very soon!


m said...

that's great news! i had a heart murmur when i was a baby but i outgrew it....hopefully Linnea will too! I'll keep this in my prayers. can't wait to see more pictures!

Christine E said...

That is great news! Nicole, my dad has a heart murmur that they only discovered in the last 15 years (they said he has probably had it his whole life) and he is about 67 years old. The doctor just checks up on it every once in awhile. Otherwise, he is very healthy. I am also looking forward to the new photos!

Laurel said...

Yay! Great news! Can't wait to see more pictures!