Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life Since Christmas

In the weeks since Christmas, despite the post-holiday letdown, there have been some high points. These include a very popular hand-me-down from a family at our church - namely, the purple car pictured above (note George Monkey; he is still quite popular).
Another highlight was the purchase of her first potty chair (no, she is not potty trained, but she certainly does think this novelty is a thrill).
And other than that, life is pretty much status quo... for now. Stay tuned for more excitement in the next seven weeks or so as we prepare for the arrival of Baby Brother!

Christmas @ Gramma & Grampa's

Over New Year's, we celebrated Christmas with Daddy's side of the family in Illinois. Some highlights from that weekend are pictured here. Above, an Elmo microwave as demonstrated by Aunt Aimee...
A dr. kit (yes, apparently all drs. wear glasses?)
And her very first dollhouse!

Christmas @ Nana & Papa's

This Christmas was Linnea's first celebrating with Mommy's side of the family in New York. Above and below are shots of some of her favorite Christmas gifts - a stuffed "George Monkey" (a.k.a. Curious George) and an indoor playtent from Nana & Papa.
Below are shots of her favorite parts of the trip, though - love and adoration for her cousins Evan (age 10) and Kelsey (age 8).

PS - Yes, we did dress her while we were away; it is sheer coincidence that she is in her pajamas in all of these shots. I swear.

Christmas Card Attempts

Those of you who received our Christmas card may have noticed that the photo of Linnea was rather "autumnal" in nature. This series of pictures should explain quite clearly why that was...

Her poor father even tried on a completely different day, hoping her mood would have changed enough to allow for that one perfect shot...
Alas, it was not meant to be.