Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time Flies...

When you're living in complete and utter chaos :)
I'm quite sure no one actually CHECKS this blog anymore...but I've decided to try to keep going with it (even if it IS only twice a year) b/c in the midst of the chaos & confusion of our life with 3 kids under 5, it's honestly the closest thing I have to a scrapbook.

So to catch up since Easter... above is pic from the annual Memorial Day parade in Geneva and below is a shot of Linnea the Dancer before her first-ever dance recital in June. Serious stuff.
The summer held some other important firsts, like T-Man's big boy bed (below)...
and Linnea's first tball experience (below).
More recently, Thomas had a first in his first "school" experience (a Parents' Day Out program at a local church but still - three hours twice a week sans Mom or Dad). So proud.
And Naomi? Well, she's growing and developing... perfecting her "royal wave" (below)...
and refusing, at almost 8 months of age, to eat solid food of any type :(.