Sunday, November 1, 2009

Annual Apple Orchard Trip

This afternoon was our annual Edwards Apple Orchard outing with the Scholtens girls.
Above with Carina & Anna busily eating - I mean, picking - apples...
Below, a highlight of the day - Linnea's first horsey ride. She didn't even mind the smell.


Linnea the Bunny Rabbit hopped around the Rockford area visiting family this Halloween. Above, trick-or-treating at Great-Gramma Branca's and below, visiting Cousin Hunter (a.k.a. Elmo).
Below, you can see that Hunter's playroom was as big a hit as any candy obtained on this outing...

The Last Three Months

I'll spare you the excuses for the three-month absence and just get to the photos... Above, a Labor Day weekend visit from cousins Jack & Chris, along with Aunt Aline & Uncle Mike. Below, a visit later that month from Great-Gramma (not pictured) and Great-Grampa Daniels from Minneapolis.
Below, a mid-October trip to Michigan to see Cousin Evan's football game and visit the pumpkin patch.
"Driving" the tractor with Cousin Kelsey...
Despite all of these visits and visitors, still bonding daily with good ol' Maya :).