Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Big 0-3: The Party

A week AFTER the actual day, Linnea had her third birthday party - a camping theme, complete with hot dog/s'more roasting, an indoor tent, a bug hunt and fishing in the bathtub (see below).

Above, you can see that Minnie Pearl enjoyed opening gifts, including a globe from Gramma & Grampa ("Can I spin it? Can I spin it?"). Below is T-Man and his buddy Evan - just bein' cute...

And of course, we didn't think to take any pictures of the decorations (starry night sky, in case it's not obvious) until the next morning.

The Big 0-3: The Day

On the actual DAY of Linnea's third birthday (Sunday, February 27th), we spent the morning enjoying gifts from Mom & Dad (t-ball set pictured above was HUGE hit - no pun intended) and out-of-town family, followed by a mini-cake of sorts...
and a trip to the Brookfield Zoo (cold and gray; silver lining - we had the place to ourselves).