Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easter with Cousins & Friends

We were blessed to have cousins Kelsey & Evan (and their folks, along with Nana & Papa) at our house this year for Easter. Above are Easter preparations; below is the actual day. Nothing tastier than Easter candy on the bathroom floor, right?

The Andersons hosted their annual egg hunt again this year. T's eggs were all empty and he didn't care one bit.
Linnea, on the other hand, gathered quite the booty and enjoyed the process thoroughly.

Thomas' Baptism

T-Man was baptized (finally - I know; we had to join the church first... long story) on Sunday, May 1st.
We were all much more joyful than this photo reflects; between T's squirming and our attentiveness to what the pastor was saying, we didn't really get any fabulous shots of the four of us up there.
Above, the actual act; below, Thomas' glare at the pastor after the fact - priceless.
Thomas Charles, may you indeed grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and may we, as your parents and family, be used of God to help you become a man after His own heart.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hawaii '11

We braved our first transoceanic trip as a foursome for Spring Break 2011 in Kauai with Ryan's folks and siblings. Despite RSV for Thomas and an ear infection for Linnea, we made some great memories and had some good times. The Hyatt's koi pond was popular (above), as was their daily parrot show (below).

For a little my-how-time-flies perspective, scroll back in our blog to the January 2009 entry when Linnea made the trip at the same age as Thomas pictured above; what a difference a couple years makes?!?!