Friday, May 30, 2008

The Three Month Miracle

Everybody told us that things would improve at three months but at the time, it was utterly unbelievable - that it could be true AND that we could survive that long.  But Linnea was three months old on Wednesday (May 27th) and it's amazing.  This is a whole new ballgame!

Here she is performing one of her new tricks - standing unassisted (by a human, that is - the couch is rather integral to the process, obviously).
And here she is expressing her utter joy and delight at the ultimate gift we can give her - turning on the living room ceiling fan.  She's the fan's biggest fan.
Last but not least in this veritable showcase of Linnea-stunts (and yes, BTW, we do realize she looks like a boy in this outfit :)), the amazing feat of not only GRASPING an object, but purposefully bringing it to her mouth so that she can attempt to devour it like she does her fist/fingers/thumb on a regular basis.

And do you want to know the most exciting part about this post?  I am typing it while Linnea naps... in her CRIB!  It is, indeed, a miracle.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nana & Papa Visit

Nana & Papa came from NY for a week this month to help out (yes - again :)).  It was a wonderful blessing and we all enjoyed it - especially Linnea.  Above she is spending some quality time with Papa, watching the leaves blow in the wind.  Captivating stuff.
She's a newly converted fan of her bouncy seat these days.  We are ecstatic that she has taken to some sort of non-human holding device.  May the trend continue!
This is the cutest hat ever that one of Mommy's co-workers from North Park found at the Sweden Shop.  Doesn't really pertain to the topic, but just had to post it.  Too funny!
Thanks for a great week, Nana & Papa!  We miss you already!

Mother's Day 2008

Linnea decided to get all dressed up in honor of her mommy's first Mother's Day as a mommy.  She got to celebrate not only with me, but also her Gramma and her Nana (as well as Grampa, Aunt Aimee, Uncle Brett, Papa, and her dad).
Another "first" of the day was Linnea's first outing to a restaurant.  We ventured to Egg Harbor for brunch (nice and loud, plus extremely fast service) and she did quite well.  Spent most of the time as pictured above - it's a miracle she didn't come home with maple syrup on her head.