Thursday, November 6, 2008

Visiting the Minnesotan Kin

Okay, these pictures are a month old (what can I say?), but last month Linnea finally made it up to the Twin Cities to visit her northern kin.  Above she is pictured with Great-Gramma Daniels, her birthday partner.  On February 27th next year, Linnea will turn 1 and Great-Gramma will turn 90.
Above here, Linnea is banging on the table with second-cousin-once-removed (is that what you call Ryan's cousin's baby?) Autumn, 3 1/2 months her senior and completely ADORABLE.
And here she is waving (which she did - NONSTOP - all weekend) with second cousin Krista (Ryan's cousin).
All in all, it was a short but sweet weekend and we were all glad to reconnect with the Minnesotan branch of the family.  And no, it wasn't just because of the amazing Swedish pancakes.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nana & Papa's Visit... and My First Fever

Last weekend Nana & Papa came for a visit and for the first few days, everything was great.  Linnea re-bonded with them quite nicely (above), we took a beautiful fall walk along the Fox River (below; nothing particularly exciting was happening - Linnea's kind of become a chronic clapper?)...
... we went out for lunch (note the "big girl" highchair - she's so mature)...
... Linnea showed them all her crawling/exploring abilities...
And then - she got sick :(.  Her first throat infection and fever of 103.  After a few rough days (and nights), though, she was back to her old self.  Of course, by then, Nana and Papa had gone home.  But Linnea was grateful they were there when she needed them (picture below provided as illustration) and looks forward to a fun time together again at Thanksgiving!