Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holidays - Come & Gone

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years snuck up and flew by us this year. We tried in vain for an adorable Christmas card photo (above) and ended up sending out a collage of sorts. We did manage to squeeze in some festive fun around home, including a trip to see Santa Clause in Geneva (another photo op gone wrong) and, below, Zoo Lights @ Lincoln Park Zoo.
Then it was off to Western New York to spend Christmas at Nana & Papa's, joined by cousins from Michigan and lots of area family/friends.
Here are just a sampling of the happy surprises awaiting Linnea & T on Christmas morning.
Once home, it was off again to Rockford for Daniels Family Christmas over New Year's weekend.
Again, a small sampling of the seasonal joy...
Now it's on to 2012 and preparations for Baby Sister's arrival in just 5 short weeks. Wow!


Anonymous said...

How about including a bit more of a picture of mom in one of the pictures before baby sister's arrival! Some of us are still trying to wrap their minds around a # 3 since we're far away!

So good to talk to you the other week!

Love you much!

Nicole said...

Mom is not so "camera friendly" these days... There is a fine line between "glowing" and "gigantic" :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lisa! I kept trying to see more of you in those Christmas photos, Nikki! :) So excited for Naomi's arrival! Elizabeth