Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer 2010 - So Far

Linnea and Thomas continue to grow and thrive, and are thoroughly enjoying the summer already.

Above and below are some shots of Nana & Papa's visit over Memorial Day. Thankfully, Nana stayed on to help a few weeks after that, as well.

Above and below here, we've also enjoyed several trips to Gramma & Grampa's house this summer.
Linnea's learning how to play with her little brother; not sure how to read his expression and determine what he thinks of this???
Below are Linnea and her friend Elle taking in Linnea's first parade on Memorial Day.
Oh, and did we mention that Thomas still has colic?
Happy Summer, All!


Anonymous said...

Oh to be able to still be so cute even while so unhappy as Thomas is in that last picture :-)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the last picture of Thomas is priceless! He looks so upset and so adorable at the same time! I miss you, Nikki, and I hope you and Ryan are doing well. I am hoping that cholic won't last too much longer!
Elizabeth Hanna