Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And Baby Makes Four

We were blessed to bring Thomas home from the hospital on Saturday morning and have the chance to finally introduce him to his proud Big Sister Linnea (and Maya, of course).
Although she hasn't felt this ecstatic about his presence every moment, she has taken to him quite nicely and often asks "Where'd Thomas go?" (to which the answer, 99% of the time, is "He's sleeping.").
He does manage to wake up every now and then, though, and we thoroughly enjoy his "quiet, alert time" - a sharp contrast to his sister's "not-so-quiet alert time" :).


Anonymous said...

Loved the last line, especially :-) My parents called me a chatterbox...until Scott came along. Then I was sort of mute. I knew I couldn't keep up with him. Ha ha.

Cute pics!

Love ya,

Charity said...

So precious!!! :)

RNQuick said...

How absolutely cute!!!!