Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Last Three Months

I'll spare you the excuses for the three-month absence and just get to the photos... Above, a Labor Day weekend visit from cousins Jack & Chris, along with Aunt Aline & Uncle Mike. Below, a visit later that month from Great-Gramma (not pictured) and Great-Grampa Daniels from Minneapolis.
Below, a mid-October trip to Michigan to see Cousin Evan's football game and visit the pumpkin patch.
"Driving" the tractor with Cousin Kelsey...
Despite all of these visits and visitors, still bonding daily with good ol' Maya :).


Anonymous said...

Wow - ask and you shall receive, huh? What? It was Monday when I said I missed you blogging and now three entries at once! Hooray!

I'll call you in a few days when we can chat longer! (And if you go by my blog, I've got photos up of my new place of work and I'm blogging everyday for the month...or so I'm endeavoring!)

So good to hear you - and SO good to see your family in photos again! Yipee!

Love ya!

RNQuick said...

I was starting to wonder if you forgot how to log into your blog!!!!

Your pics are so cute! Thanks for sharing them! Miss you!