Monday, July 20, 2009

Stealing from other people's blogs

We have gotten so ridiculously behind in getting pictures off of our camera that I am resorting to stealing photos off of other people's blogs - of my own child?!?!?!? Above is the handiwork of Ryan's cousin Leah, taken at his other cousin Krista's wedding in Minnesota last month.
And this one is compliments of our friends Drew and Renate, parents of Bennett (cutie in the background dutifully munching mac-n-cheese). We got away to Galena with them and our friends the Scholtens last weekend. All told, there were 6 adults and 5 kids under 5. It was great.

Please do stay tuned (if you're the faithful sort) and I will make it my personal goal to download pics from some other great weekends so far this summer, including Door County w/Aunt Aimee and 4th of July at Gramma & Grampa's. Hopefully I'll get to this before the snow flies!

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