Monday, May 11, 2009

Linnea's Park

Kitty-corner from our house is a park that Linnea has only recently discovered. She can see it from the bay window in the dining room and has taken to standing there, signing "please" repeatedly - and with vigor.

The expression on her face above could be interpreted positively or negatively, I suppose, but trust me - she LOVES the slide. It inspires excitement rivaled only by balloons at Trader Joe's and/or books of any kind.


Sue & Charlie said...

I just knew she was going to love it there! Last year I pictured her looking out the window and asking to go there this year! Keep those pics coming!! (:-) Love from Nana

care said...

She is SO stinkin' cute! And her momma is looking awfully pretty too! Great pics! You will be soooo grateful for that park and how close it is!!!!!