Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Big O-1

Linnea celebrated her first birthday on February 27th with Gramma and Grampa Daniels, Aunt Aimee and Uncle B.
We were all shocked she actually left the festive "I'm One" hat (courtesy of Gramma) on???

Here she is with her puppy dog cake, lovingly made from scratch by Mommy. As you can see below, it was largely a wasted effort - she was NOT a fan.

She WAS a fan, however, of her new toys and gifts... and the attention of a whole room full of adoring family, of course.


care said...

So cute! I love the hat!

RNQuick said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!

HLW said...

I can't believe she kept that hat on, what a good little birthday girl. She looks so cute!