Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Linnea's First Christmas

Linnea's first Christmas Eve was spent with the Branca clan at the traditional pasta feast at Great-Gramma Branca's in Rockford.  Closest to Linnea in age is Hunter, barely a year old and another adorable blondie.
Christmas morning found us at Gramma and Grampa Daniels with gifts galore.  Above she's pictured in her Li'l Swede bib from Uncle B and below, opening her blocks from Gramma & Grampa (a huge hit with both Linnea AND, unfortunately, Maya).
Below she's showing Gramma the cool calendar she gave her - of herself, of course.  Have we mentioned how embarrassingly excited Linnea gets to see photos of herself?  It's awkward.
As predicted, the bows and wrapping paper probably ranked as Linnea's favorite things under the tree this year.  If only her tastes would stay so simple...

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