Friday, May 16, 2008

Nana & Papa Visit

Nana & Papa came from NY for a week this month to help out (yes - again :)).  It was a wonderful blessing and we all enjoyed it - especially Linnea.  Above she is spending some quality time with Papa, watching the leaves blow in the wind.  Captivating stuff.
She's a newly converted fan of her bouncy seat these days.  We are ecstatic that she has taken to some sort of non-human holding device.  May the trend continue!
This is the cutest hat ever that one of Mommy's co-workers from North Park found at the Sweden Shop.  Doesn't really pertain to the topic, but just had to post it.  Too funny!
Thanks for a great week, Nana & Papa!  We miss you already!

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Laurel said...

Great pictures & I *love* the hat! Good to see that things appear to be settling down!