Friday, February 29, 2008

Day Two, and getting ready to head home from the hospital!  Nana & Papa Woodard will meet us there and relieve Gramma Daniels, who's been faithfully taking care of the house and Maya for us.  We are truly blessed!


Laurel said...

Nikki - you look so good for having just had a baby! And she is so adorable!

care said...

Good to have a picture of you too, Nikki! So glad you are heading home! Take advantage of all that family and REST, REST, REST! I'm praying for you!

ann-marie said...

what a precious photo. nicole, you look beautiful next to your beautiful baby! (and how nice that the trim on your hospital gown matches your eyes! ;) )

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Nikki! The baby is cute! Very Very cute! I hope you get better soon. Love, Kelsey
PS I think it's funny that you're wearing a hospital gown like me!!

m said...

absolutely beautiful! both of you! Thanks be to God!

Anonymous said...


You look wonderful, and Linnea is adorable (Ryan looks alright, too.) We're so excited for you! Congratulations!

Lisa Domkowski

Melissa said...

Hip hip hooray!! Nik you look beautiful and so so so content.

Ollie and I eagerly await our first i-chat appointment. Linnea, I hope you turn out to be an Apple user in life. I can't wait to meet you!!


Auntie Oates

Eric said...

Ryan and Nikki,
Congratulations! Sarah and I are so happy for you. You know Ryan, even though Linnea does look a lot like you, she's gorgeous! ha ha. Seriously, please know that we're praying for you all. Praise God for his faithfulness!

HLW said...

Nik, you look amazing for just giving birth... and just beautiful in general. I'm going to be a sap and admit that I got a little teary eyed when I saw that picture. I can't believe you are a mom now! It is so awesome!